About Us

Welcome to DreamGrapher 

For more than a decade, we’ve been on a captivating journey, documenting the unique love stories of incredible individuals. DreamGrapher is acknowledged as a pioneer in contemporary wedding photography in India and has garnered international recognition through various awards and acknowledgements.

A wedding is a dreamy journey, and at DreamGrapher, we pride ourselves on making it an enchanting experience. What you receive from us aren’t just awe-inspiring, exquisite imagery but pieces of art to be cherished for a lifetime.




Crafting Memories with Passion

Our passion lies in crafting memories infused with love, respect, integrity, honesty and care every time we sign up for an assignment. Each shoot is a testament to our dedication to preserving the essence of your special moments and reflection of your true self. 



A New Chapter

As of 2019, we are bidding farewell to our studio due to Shraddha’s country move. Despite these changes, our commitment to capturing your beautiful moments remains unwavering. You can now reach out to us for inquiries and bookings via email.



Thank you for being part of our incredible journey. Let’s continue creating timeless memories together.

With love, DreamGraphers Team



Shraddha Rathi

A true pixel pusher who lives for days when she can make the pixels dance. She believes she can achieve eternity by capturing impeccable moments. If not a photographer she would have become a Comedian,Science Researcher or an Architect. Her romance with art doesn’t end with photography she says its because of photography that I understand other forms of art better, when not busy travelling and working she loves watching birds with her cat, reading art affairs, cooking or enjoying music, Most likely all of it altogether. 



Publications: Femina 2012 (Inspirational women of current time)

                                                                                         DNA – May 2012 / Dec 2012

                                                                                         Times of India 2016

                       Shraddha’s work has been showcased at private galleries and been featured in various wildlife, nature and lifestyle publications; including Time magazine.