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01 Feb Steph and Donovan’s Grant notley gazebo wedding amidst beautiful outdoor of river valley in Edmonton, Alberta

When we met Steph for the first time at  a starbucks in south Edmonton she  revealed that they are planning a big wedding later but for now due to certain family reasons (She comes from Hongkong while Donovan is born raised in Alberta) they are...

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15 Oct Retro themed Engagement Session, Edmonton (Pre wedding shoot)

Retro themed engagement session in Edmonton   If I'm asked what I loved the most about this Retro themed pre wedding (Engagement session) shoot in Edmonton, I will state three fantastic features. First, the fact that they allowed me in in their intimacy and we created a great...

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02 Jul Couple shoot | Engagement session at Muttart conservatory, Edmonton

Wedding photographer Edmonton: This session was a bliss as we are based in Edmonton and so is my couple hence we decided to cover Muttart conservatory for this session and as such they had some fond memories with the place from their courtship days ;) [caption id="attachment_9689" align="alignnone" width="300"]...

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