Those Relatives

04 Aug Those Relatives

As she sits in the parlour getting ready for “The D Day”, (Wedding Day) it is difficult to say what is more expressive of her Joy: the colour of her Mendi or that Unique Spark in her eyes  peculiar of every bride. (Bridal Portraits)

The Bride and the Birde Groom both go through a Rainbow of emotions on their Wedding Day.

The  anxiety, the joy, the excitement, the eagerness and the happiness- to capture the cocktail of emotions in picture is the landmark of a fine Wedding Photography. Check out our wedding albums here.

However Wedding Photography is not just capturing the varied emotions and chemistry of the bride and the bridegroom on their Wedding Day. It’s a little or lot more than that.

Wedding Photography is like reading a novel. A novel  is rarely about  just two people or one day . There has to be more to it. Only in the background of other distinct characters and surroundings can the Hero or  the heroine  stand out. Likewise the presence of family members, relatives, siblings and friends makes a Wedding Photography complete.

Mehndi Photography - Pre wedding photography - India Indian Wedding Photographs - gangs of cousins, who would dance at any tune copy Wedding Photography India - Dancing With The Barat India Wedding Photography - Moods and Moments of the relatives - Indian Style India Wedding Photos - Bhangada buddies Wedding Photographers Catch The Mood at an Indian Style Wedding -Gangnam boys! 5.silent break 6.the ones who know how to have fun !!! Wedding Photography India - and the ones who like to show it Wedding Photography India - The surprised ONES Wedding Photography India - Those Gossip girls! Wedding Photography India - that happy-cute dadi- Elders And Blessings Wedding Photography India - That serious aunt - Checking out if all is well Wedding Photography India - Bollywood style dance a must at an Indian Wedding Wedding Photography India - cutie pies trying out the pagdi (turban) Wedding Indian Style Wedding Photography India - a shy niece Wedding Photography India - naughty ones- friends having fun Wedding Photography India - Over joyed DAD


DreamGrapher – We are a collaborative team of professionals (lead by myself – A contemporary, fine art photographer as well as a cinematographer) with candid photographer and well experienced traditional flash photographer along side videographer on board. We have work on several destination and local weddings ranging from extravagant Punjabi weddings to private, small catholic church weddings and traditional gujarati weddings to Nikah ; and have develop a way of working which is in coordination with each other to make sure there is no struggle to get a particular shot or when something unexpected happens as the kind of conflicts that could happen If you have two different persons or teams of professionals meeting for the first time on your day to cover your wedding. We are available to cover your wedding in Dubai, Doha, UK, Ireland, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and India.
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